Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Crossroads

Today I was reading Elder Martins Blog about Choices, And I started thinking about the crossroads we come to sometimes in our lives. And I though off a poem that I really love.

At the Crossroads
He stood at the crossroads all alone, 
The sunlight in his face; 
He had no thought for an evil course, 
He was set for a manly race. 
But the road stretched east and the 
road stretched west, 
And he did not know which road 
was the best; 
So he took the wrong road and it lead 
him down, 
And he lost the race and the 
victor's crown. 
He was caught at last in an 
angry snare 
Because no one stood at the 
crossroads there 
To show him the better road. 
Another day at the self-same place 
A boy with high hopes stood; 
He, too, was set for a manly race 
He was seeking the things that 
were good. 
And one was there who the roads 
did know, 
And that one showed him the 
way to go; 
So he turned away from the road 
leading down, 
And he won the race and the 
victor's crown; 
He walks today on the highways fair 
Because one stood at the 
crossroads there 
To show him a better road. 
- Sadie Tiller Crawley 

In life we all, at some point, will stand at the crossroads of our lives. Only left to wonder, what way will get us "the victor's crown?" 

Who knows which road is best? 
All who have "entered in by the gate" know what road is best. The Lord has called us all who have received the right road to stand at the Crossroads. That is the call of a Prophet of God! And Why? Because each and every one of us have had someone to show us the way. For most it may have been your parents. For others it may have been that special Missionary. And we are the only ones who know "The Better Way." There are people that only you could stand at there crossroads. Why, because God planned it that way.  And that person that may be set for the "manly race" could be your best friend, your mother, your son.  And if you aren't there no one will be. And they will be caught in satin's snare and lost because we, who have the truth, don't share it.

Stand at the Crossroads, Its worth it in the END!

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